St. Lucia - Matter

St. Lucia – Matter Album Description

St. Lucia has launched the facts for their future record Matter, that will likely be revealed on Jan. 29 via Columbia Records. The electro-pop have provided their tracklist for LP, including co-writing track credit from loves of Tim Pagnotta of Walk The Moon and Jack Antonoff, as well as a new single “Physical.”

“Physical” is the 2nd one we’ve known off Matter, following up “Dancing On Glass,” that was launched past period. Singular most important stations all that synth-pop miracle having an additional level concerning reside devices. St. Lucia frontman Jean-Philip Grobler’s sound stands out through sparkling levels concerning synths as well as percussion section, since they reveal development using metal devices as well as acoustic guitar adding.

Their monitor stops having a smooth proclaim as well as synths gradually diminishing inside length to provide their hearer the opportunity to find his or her breathing prior to so what can stay thought an additional little dance-pop golden performs.

Grobler defines their track within a report because “yielding manage within a intimate position and achieving a romantic encounter that will be strictly animal tissue in the wild. The songs as well as words create collectively: the minimum as well as close 1st 1 / 2 of their track will make technique the rich coda, just like their ‘bodily’ encounter techniques off stress to produce.”

Meant for their album’s launch on Jan. 29, the musical organization can go out upon trip around North America for a period along with a 1 / 2 beginning on Jan. 30 at Webster Hall before striking towns such as Boston, Denver, Portland, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco and eventually ending in Santa Ana, California on March 11.

St. Lucia – Matter Album Tracklist :

1. Do You Remember?
2. Home
3. Dancing on Glass
4. Physical
5. Game 4 U
6. The Winds of Change
7. Love Somebody
8. Rescue Me
9. Stay
10. Help Me Run Away
11. Always

St. Lucia – Matter Album Informations :

Artist : St. Lucia
Album : Matter
Release Year : 2015
Labels : Neon Gold Records
Genre : Indie electronic, Synthpop
Number of Discs : 1
Quality : MP3 320kbps
Size : 100 MB

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Primal Fear - Rulebreaker

Primal Fear – Rulebreaker Album Description

German power metallers PRIMAL FEAR have set “Rulebreaker” because their name of the brand new record, owed upon January 29, 2016 via Frontiers Music Srl. The CD was documented in Hansen Studio in Ribe, Denmark with manufacturer (and PRIMAL FEAR bassist) Mat Sinner and engineer Jacob Hansen.

PRIMAL FEAR freshly compound means using Brazilian drummer Aquiles Priester (HANGAR, ANGRA) and changed your using Francesco Jovino (U.D.O.). Furthermore, beginning PRIMAL FEAR guitar player Tom Naumann — whom is visiting aided by the team within the last 2 yrs — has formally rejoined their musical organization being a complete user.

Stated PRIMAL FEAR in a report: “people understood it could be a tough objective for all of us [making it make use of Aquiles], however we have provided that it a go, as well as, regrettably, to mix the current commitments as well as the upcoming efforts, it is impractical to possess a united musical organization collectively. Because the times and length amongst the areas, we’ve chose to function means. Off them, we really do not have declination whatsoever and now we are extremely joyful we have today attempted the better to make it. Many of us are however buddies and now we desire best wishes for every another someday.”
PRIMAL FEAR’s 10th recording studio record, “Delivering The Black”, was revealed in January 2014 via Frontiers. The follow-up to 2012’s “Unbreakable” found in place No. 16 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) data, that listings their popular collections through brand new as well as creating performers, understood to be individuals who have by no means starred in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.

Primal Fear – Rulebreaker Album Tracklist :

01. Angels Of Mercy
02. The End Is Near
03. Bullets & Tears
04. Rulebreaker
05. In Metal We Trust
06. We Walk Without Fear
07. At War With The World
08. The Devil In Me
09. Constant Heart
10. The Sky Is Burning
11. Raving Mad
12. Final Call (bonus track; deluxe edition only)
11. Don’t Say You’ve Never Been Warned (bonus track; deluxe edition only)

Primal Fear – Rulebreaker Album Informations :

Artist : Primal Fear
Album : Rulebreaker
Release Year : 2015
Labels : Frontiers, Nuclear Blast
Genre : Heavy metal, power metal, speed metal
Number of Discs : 1
Quality : MP3 320kbps
Size : 99 MB

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Kevin Gates - Islah

Kevin Gates – Islah Album Description

Lovers will need to delay til 2016 to listen Kevin Gates’ future record “Islah.”

It seems like there’s already been some knock back inside Kevin Gates’ future record Islah. Initially put to reach December 11, the Louisiana rapper got in order to twitter Thursday evening in order to declare the record will stay falling January 29th rather.

Currently available for the pre-orders, Islah can have 15 tracks in total and feature the earlier known single people “Really Really,” “La Familia,” and “2 Phones,” that arrived on the scene today to help relieve the pain sensation with this regrettable problem. When you’re not aware, their name “Islah” is known as following Kevin’s child also by the bye, meaning their future undertaking will probably become their more individual system of employment up to now.

Meant for Islah, Kevin will likely be showing up in path this particular Fall for the similarly-titled tour. Peep tour times for the below, and look for the newest statement under. (Incorporated under is actually the current meeting using Gates in which the guy speaks additional upon Islah, on top of other points.)

Kevin Gates – Islah Album Tracklist :

1. Really Really
2. Phones
3. La Familia
4. The Truth
5. Kno One
6. 2 phones

Kevin Gates – Islah Album Informations :

Artist : Kevin Gates
Album : Islah
Release Year : 2015
Genre : Hip hop
Number of Discs : 1
Quality : MP3 320kbps
Size : 54 MB

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Dream Theater - The Astonishing

Dream Theater – The Astonishing Album Description

Dream Theater own already been titilating the facts with regards to their 13th recording studio record, The Astonishing, for a although nowadays and now have recently published their art work as well as monitor list for just what is actually defining around end up being the greatest music undertaking their musical organization offers ever before performed. The idea record is split in to 2 functions, comprising an astonishing 34 tracks! Beginning salivating, Fantasy Theater fans.
A web site premiered aimed at The Astonishing and has gradually already been exposing important factors of album’s idea. Thus far we understand concerning 3 figures: Gabriel, Emperor Nafaryus and Arhys. The web site shows 5 additional will likely be launched, until then that they stay silhouettes. Approximately 1/3rd of chart is disclosed too as well as 2 movies own however become unbarred. The base of the website is actually headlined because “NOMACS” featuring their drifting eyeball that’s the concentrate of album’s encapsulate.

Their art work offers a range of album’s idea. Dream Theater said in the artwork, declaring, “This particular record encapsulate stretches a baleful invite inside retro-futurist dystopian establishing of Astonishing. The deceivingly gorgeous however chillingly undemocratic picture is an accomplished strong harbinger of graphic elements as well as suggestions introduced from the transonic tale that will be the more aspiring imaginative strive to day. We’re really happy in order to shortly deliver you…The Astonishing.”

Dream Theater revealed in November which they’ll be doing The Astonishing in its totality to their 2016 European tour.
Talking using Revolver, guitarist John Petrucci talked about their future record, stating, “a record undertaking is a lot like a brand new as well as impressive empty fabric and I also enjoy that each few years there is the chance concerning reinventing, attempting new things as well as beginning with scrape.”
Ongoing, Petrucci additional, “however because of the reputation for their musical organization, you have to bring all that into consideration as well as give consideration to exactly what we’ve complete currently, that which we haven’t investigated however as well as what’s going to not just maintain united states keen as well as happy, however will maintain individuals who use musical organization thrilled, too.” constantly looking at the picture, the guy determined, “you truly need to provide the products — one can’t lean on the award, one can’t bring slow.”

Dream Theater – The Astonishing Album Tracklist :

01. “Descent of the NOMACS”
02. “Dystopian Overture”
03. “The Gift of Music”
04. “The Answer”
05. “A Better Life”
06. “Lord Nafaryus”
07. “A Savior in the Square”
08. “When Your Time Has Come”
09. “Act of Faythe”
10. “Three Days”
11. “The Hovering Sojourn”
12. “Brother, Can You Hear Me?”
13. “A Life Left Behind”
14. “Ravenskill”
15. “Chosen”
16. “A Tempting Offer”
17. “Digital Discord”
18. “The X Aspect”
19. “A New Beginning”
20. “The Road to Revolution”
Act II
01. “2285 Entr’acte”
02. “Moment of Betrayal”
03. “Heaven’s Cove”
04. “Begin Again”
05. “The Path That Divides”
06. “Machine Chatter”
07. “The Walking Shadow”
08. “My Last Farewell”
09. “Losing Faythe”
10. “Whispers in the Wind”
11. “Hymn of a Thousand Voices”
12. “Our New World”
13. “Power Down”
14. “Astonishing”

Dream Theater – The Astonishing Album Informations :

Artist : Dream Theater
Album : The Astonishing
Release Year : 2015
Labels : Roadrunner
Genre : Progressive metal, progressive rock
Number of Discs : 1
Quality : MP3 320kbps
Size : 345 MB

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David Bowie - Blackstar

David Bowie – Blackstar Album Description

David Bowie lovers lingered ten years for brand new songs amongst the singer’s world in 2003 and 2013’s The Next Day. The gap in between can their following LP will not be almost so long: Bowie’s formal web site revealed Sunday that Blackstar, his 25th studio LP, can show up on January 8th, his 69th birthday; The Next Day was likewise revealed in the singer’s 66th birthday celebration. Blackstar’s name monitor as well as 1st one will likely be revealed upon November 20th.
Bowie earlier provided a 45-second snip of album’s name monitor previous this particular period as he loaned their abridged move their starting chronological sequence of future tv show The Last Panthers. Little another information about Blackstar had been disclosed, nevertheless Bowie’s formal web site described first states towards album’s “seem as well as information” because “incorrect revealing.”

The Times UK first trumpeted the information of a future Bowie LP, that a expert explained towards paper as krautrock-inspired, musically different (Gregorian chant, long jazz jams) and “totally balmy.” Bowie apparently documented The Next Day follow-up at New York’s Magic Shop with a musical organization of local jazz musicians. The anything-goes definition of Blackstar fits with requirements concerning Bowie’s empirical, Scott Walker-inspired “Sue (Or in a Season of Crime),” a brand new monitor which followed their 2014 Bowie box-set Nothing Has Changed, as very well once the “Blackstar” snip.

Blackstar will apparently brag songs Bowie written for the their key theatre undertaking Lazarus, a musical-theater expansion of Bowie-starring sci-fi film The Man Who Fell to Earth. That manufacturing, featuring Dexter’s Michael C. Hall, is planned in order to best during the New York Theatre Workshop on November 18th. However, the official Bowie site states that “Blackstar” single is “not part” of the Lazarus project.

David Bowie – Blackstar Album Tracklist :

1.”?” (Pronounced “Blackstar”)
2.”‘Tis a Pity She Was a Whore”
4.”Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)”
5.”Girl Loves Me”
6.”Dollar Days”
7.”I Can’t Give Everything Away”
8.”Blackstar” (video)

David Bowie – Blackstar Album Informations :

Artist : David Bowie
Album : Blackstar
Release Year : 2015
Labels : RCA, Columbia
Genre : Art rock, glam rock, pop, electronic, experimental
Number of Discs : 1
Quality : MP3 320kbps
Size : 76 MB

David Bowie – Blackstar Download Album

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