Mu - II

Me and My Drummer – Love Is A Fridge Album Description

As of this February, the self-titled debut EP by wonderful Vancouver synth-pop duo Mu can stay 2 yrs aged. In order to level their event, their couple can launch the follow-up EP titled II.

This particular is Francesca Belcourt and Brittney Rand’s 1st launch with regards to their brand new tag house of Boompa Records. In accordance to a statement, “their own as well as unique seem attracts in the thoughts as well as activities concerning twenty-somethings within a wearied, however however optimistic globe.”

Their five-song tracklist is actually under, and record encapsulate expires preceding.

Browse straight down through the tracklist to listen to their starting cut “Debauchery.” It’s an aeriform, introspective anthem that is filled with melodically blip-blooping synths as well as wistful coming-of-age disclosures which “debauchery isn’t just what it had previously already been.

Me and My Drummer – Love Is A Fridge Album Tracklist :

1. Debauchery
2. Deep Woods
3. Disarmed by Design
4. My Hunter My Forest
5. Vampire

Me and My Drummer – Love Is A Fridge Album Informations :

Artist : Me and My Drummer
Album : Love Is A Fridge
Release Year : 2015
Labels : Boompa Records
Genre : Electronic, Electropunk
Number of Discs : 1
Quality : MP3 320kbps
Size : 44 MB

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Prins Thomas - Principe Del Norte

Prins Thomas – Principe Del Norte Are Album Description

Once not really working together using Lindstrøm, Norwegian space disco manufacturer Prins Thomas is recognized for the issuing several numerically entitled eponymous collections: Prins Thomas (2010), Prins Thomas II (2012) and Prins Thomas III (2014). Come 2016, he’ll be changing it through issuing Principe Del Norte on February 19 thru Smalltown Supersound.

Leaving Thomas’s typical area disco sound, this particular within an background report which covers four vinyl LPs (or two CDs). It was encouraged by Ü’s 2014 record Doobedoo Dub’e’dope and ’90s IDM, in accordance towards pr release, with Principe Del Norte that contain little brake drum or perhaps beat devices.

You’ll find 9 monitors, their one-letter games that relate to the edges of plastic (there are two main monitors upon side A). Scroll past that the tracklist under listen their near-12-minute “B.” It’s cast anchor from a easy lower-end synthesizer heartbeat, that is overlaid using conceptual synthesizer twinkles as well as chiming acoustic guitar echoes prior to moving as a bass sounds vallecula which swaggers within a lower secret type of means.

A news release records, “just how 1 concentrates to the record is actually totally around their hearer, however Thomas might advocate selecting focus place facing the audio system, a comfy sofa or perhaps seat as well as devote you to ultimately the songs for some time 60 minutes.”

Prins Thomas – Principe Del Norte Are Album Tracklist :

01 A1
02 A2
03 B
04 C
05 D
06 E
07 F
08 G
09 H

Prins Thomas – Principe Del Norte Are Album Informations :

Artist : Prins Thomas
Album : Principe Del Norte Are
Release Year : 2015
Labels : Feedelity, Strømland Records
Genre : Electronic music, nu-disco
Number of Discs : 1
Quality : MP3 320kbps
Size : 87 MB

Prins Thomas – Principe Del Norte Download Album

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Andrew Weatherall - Convenanza

Andrew Weatherall – Convenanza Album Description

Andrew Weatherall – veteran manufacturer, professional selector switch as well as always-in-demand remixer – offers revealed their 1st solamente record because 2009.

Convenanza is “the sound of Andrew Weatherall searching right back during the mess of the lifetime completely resided as well as understanding it’s far too late in order to neat it in every significant means,” the media launch wryly records.

“It could be fantastic in order to eject traces towards musician going through the periphery concerning their music sight or perhaps redrawing their border in between confrontational electronica along with a affection for good song. That could nevertheless suggest some sort of create by mental act strategy or perhaps, faltering which, the music goal that molded their report. Still serendipity suggest a far more organized method to their record then was the situation.”

Their record lead off very early recording studio trying out their Sabrettes’ Nina Walsh, with Weatherall “tugging during the posts as well as including melodious suggestions through to the spirits concerning tracks began to appear.”

Flow the very first monitor from record, ‘The Confidence Man’. Convenanza is out February 26 on CD, LP and digital via Rotters Golf Club.

Andrew Weatherall – Convenanza Album Tracklist :

01 Intro
02 Frankfurt Advice
03 The Confidence Man
04 The Last Walk
05 Kicking the River
06 Disappear
07 We Count The Stars
08 Thirteenth Night
09 Ghosts Again

Andrew Weatherall – Convenanza Album Informations :

Artist : Andrew Weatherall
Album : Convenanza
Release Year : 2015
Labels : Rotters Golf Club
Genre : Electronica, dub, post-punk, house, techno, balearic
Number of Discs : 1
Quality : MP3 320kbps
Size : 87 MB

Andrew Weatherall – Convenanza Download Album

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Roly Porter - Third Law Download Album

Roly Porter – Third Law Album Description

As one half of the duo Vex’d (alongside Jamie Teasdale, aka, Kuedo), Roly Porter was innate within the growth of what can become called dubstep. Once Vex’d chose to get his or her individual means within the middle ‘00s Roly chased the solamente profession so as to getaway their style limitations the guy experienced came into existence a limitation. Using 2 solamente collections under him Aftertime and Life Cycle of a Massive Star, their production offers chiefly already been fuelled from a aspire to compose beat-less songs, one thing Roly is actually eager in order to indicate the guy doesn’t see as the identical to background songs.

Roly’s songs isn’t regarding ‘everyday’ lifetime. Rather it’s a chance for your to consider ‘bigger’ points exterior their personal expertise, which has experienced a serious influence on just how Roly could see his very own lifetime which concerning other people about your. Third Law is regarding mixing whatever Roly offers adored as well as skipped regarding creating sound-system songs, aided by the additional compositional suggestions he started to understand more about upon their solamente duty. Although Third Law is associated in order to their previous, for the Roly this particular record signifies last visiting terms and conditions together with aim of making dancing songs because it is, able to discover suggestions concerning cycle, bass sounds, seem layout.

Roly Porter – Third Law Album Tracklist :

01. 4101
02. In System
03. Mass
04. Blind Blackening
05. High Places
06. In Flight
07. Departure Stage
08. Known Space

Roly Porter – Third Law Album Informations :

Artist : Roly Porter
Album : Third Law
Release Year : 2015
Labels : Planet Mu
Genre : Dubstep, Breakstep
Number of Discs : 1
Quality : MP3 320kbps
Size : 68 MB

Roly Porter – Third Law Download Album

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School of Seven Bells - SVIIB Download Album

School of Seven Bells – SVIIB Album Description

When School of Seven Bells’s Benjamin Curtis passed away out in 2013, he and bandmate Alejandra Deheza had been difficult at your workplace in the follow-up to 2012’s Ghostory. Deheza got time to recover next Cutis’s demise, and in 2014 she completed their report using Justin Meldal–Johnsen.

Now, Deheza is put to produce SVIIB, their band’s last report, in February. The beautiful, aeriform “Open Your Eyes” is the album’s contribute one, and you may listen to it under. “Here is a enjoy page off beginning to end,” Deheza stated of report in the band’s web site. “It’s the storyline people beginning with which 1st time people satisfied inside 2004, and that’s the tale of School of Seven Bells.”

In December of 2013, School of Seven Bells’ Benjamin Curtis passed away out following a struggle with T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. A year ago, Curtis’ bandmate, Alejandra Deheza, stated this girl ended up being attempting to finish a record, showcasing components Curtis experienced documented as he ended up being live. Nowadays, their musical organization up-to-date their site in order to declare SVIIB, a record owed February 2016. Under, see a brief tormenter which includes a snip concerning songs.
On the site, Deheza published an email towards report, phoning that it “the enjoy page off beginning to end.” this girl stated that it comes from tracks built in summer time of 2012.

School of Seven Bells – SVIIB Album Tracklist :

1. “Ablaze”School_of_Seven_Bells-2015-SVIIB-Cover
2. “On My Heart”
3. “Open Your Eyes”
4. “A Thousand Times More”
5. “Elias”
6. “Signals”
7. “Music Takes Me”
8. “Confusion”
9. “This Is Our Time”

School of Seven Bells – SVIIB Album Informations :

Artist : School of Seven Bells
Album : SVIIB
Release Year : 2015
Labels : Vagrant, Ghostly International, Full Time Hobby
Genre : Indie rock, dream pop, shoegazing, electronic
Number of Discs : 1
Quality : MP3 320kbps
Size : 87 MB

School of Seven Bells – SVIIB Download Album

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