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Phish – Wingsuit Album Description

It appears like Phish does “cover” his or her own upcoming record album Wingsuit through tonight’s Halloween show at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ. The information arrived following the doorways to your location opened up and lovers were passed the original “Phishbill,” that you can see preceding. The disclosure finishes period of supposition by fans, who might be capable of listen the brand new materials that Phish have been doing work on for many time period. The album’s tracklist can also be seen below.The Phishbill—which has post written by previous Relix editor in chief Josh Baron—notes that band will be busting from traditions by debuting “a lot of cloth from our brand new record album, that we start creating in 3 days.” The guide still has the a few parody ads, such as one for “Woo X: The first and only cuticular spot proven to subdue the woo” and “Gordon’s House of Scarves & Drills.” The full Phishbill can now be read here, and a full tracklist for Wingsuit can be viewed below.

Phish – Wingsuit Album Tracklist :

1. Wingsuit
2. Fuego
3. The Line
4. Monica
5. Waiting All Night
6. Wombat
7. Snow
8. Devotion to a Dream
9. 555
10. Winterqueen
11. Amidst The Peals of Laughter
12. You Never Know

Phish – Wingsuit Information

Artist: Phish
Album: Wingsuit
Release Year: 2014
Labels : Independent
Genre: Punk/Rock
Number of Discs: 1
Quality: MP3 320kbps
Size : 110 MB

Artist: Rick Astley

   Album: My Red Book

   Release Year: 2013

   Label: RCA

   Genre: Soul

   Number of Discs: 1 

   Tracks: 10

   Quality: MP3 320kbps

   Size : 56.12 MB





When you saw the title of this review for a new Rick Astley album, was your first thought of the guy in the RickRolling video, the singer with the red quiff and raincoat?

Yes you know Rick’s a singer, but do you know Rick’s also a songwriter, musician and producer?  Well Rick’s latest album, My Red Book, is going to prove all those talents to you.  It has been 11 years since Rick’s last original material release (with ‘Keep It Turned On’ – ‘Portrait’ in 2005 was all covers).  Is ‘My Red Book’ worth the wait?  We think so.


Rick Astley – My Red Book  Tracklist :


2.I Like The Sun

3.Let It Rain


5.Saddest Day

6.Lights Out

7.Goodbye But Not The End

8.The Bitch

9.A Letter